Toy manufacture in the Erzgebirge around 1937 * 26 min. * digitized on USB stick

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  • Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl

product description

  • Documentation about toy production in the Erzgebirge, filmed in two parts in 1937
  • Description of the film: "In 1937 a Dresden film company shot this film about the traditional production of wooden toys in the Erzgebirge around Seiffen. Please note that the quality of the film corresponds to the time it was made."
  • A USB stick is supplied, which shows 26 minutes of the black and white silent film digitized and accompanied by music
  • Cover of the case with various pictures from the film
  • Film content, particularly interesting: to watch a well-known manufacturer of nutcrackers at work, as well as the production of tire animals, etc.
  • The old original film rolls 1st & 2nd part are not part of the offer!
  • These are for photo purposes only for explanation!
  • The offer only includes the USB stick with case!